Make Your Own Custom Drawing Board

How To Make Your Own Custom Drawing Board

If you are tired of dragging around that oversized drawing board that requires extra paper to be sacrificed in order to cushion the drawing you are working on, then this project is the perfect solution for you!

Gather the following supplies, all of which can be purchased through Du-All. If they don’t stock it, Du-All will order it for you!

1. Cutting Mat

2. Exacto Knife or Single Sided Razor Blade

3. Double Sided Tape

4. Masonite ( You can use the pre-cut boards that are coated on one side for creating art. They are sized just right to go with different pre-cut paper sizes)

5. Vinyl Board Cover Material (Found in the drafting section and used to cover drafting boards)

6. A pen or marker

7. An Aluminum Ruler

Now that you have all your supplies, here we go:

1. Take your Masonite board and use the pen to draw an outline on one side of the Vinyl board cover.

2. Using your aluminum ruler and a sharp blade, cut out the vinyl outline that will match the size of your Masonite board.

3. Take out your double sided tape and place it against the side of the vinyl that will be in contact with the Masonite. I tape the coated side of the Masonite so that everything adheres better.

4. Using your sharp edge, trim the tape to the edge of the vinyl.

5. Peel back the protective paper so the sticky side is exposed.

6. Repeat on the remaining three sides, but take care not to overlap the tape at the corners, or your drawing board cover will be lumpy instead of smooth.

7. Place the side of the Masonite that you want in contact with the vinyl cover down on top of the sticky tape.

8. Press firmly into place.

9. Flip your board face down and trim off any excess vinyl.

Presto! You just made your own light weight, portable, custom size drawing board! You could even add rubber feet to the back side to prevent skidding on your drawing table.