DSWP&S Venetian Night Art Show

For those of us who are also members of DSWP&S, there is a show at the DYC in July, a nautical theme, entries to be in by June 24. Nancy C ad Paula W, hope you enter. The theme is nautical. Party on the Saturday at the DYC. If anyone cannot get their work there on July 16, I will be glad to take it. Please reAD the prospectus, as you either have to borrow an easel from DYC or bring your own.

Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor Workshop
with Marilynn Thomas
June 27, 2015, 10 am until 4 pm
at Motor City Arts Studio LLC
3555 East 14 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310
See the Motor City Artist Studio page on Facebook or


and my work at

$75 fee, $20 deposit mailed to Marilynn’s home address by June 22.
32118 Stricker Dr, Warren, MI 48088

Supplies required:
One sheet Arches cold press paper 11″ x 15″ or 12″ x 16″
A basic selection of watercolor paints in a palette, brushes, paper towels,
blue painter’s tape, Masking liquid,
Jars for water, tissue or paper towels and your usual working materials.
Quinacridone Pink and Sap green will make the painting pop.
Complete supply list will be available to those who register.

Please email me at tmarilynn@hotmail.com if you have questions.

Warren Tri-County Art Association Pastel Skill Sharing Session Visit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to stop by the Pastel Skill Sharing Session, which is held every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Warren Community Center, to get an understanding of what it is all about.



There were about nine Warren Tri-County Art Association members present today, to work on their pastel paintings. I noticed right away that there is plenty of lighting and space to spread supplies out on tables. There are sturdy aluminum easels with clips to hold reference material above the paintings.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe coffee was brewing, and so was the creativity! The atmosphere is welcoming, warm and friendly. Conversations both on and off the art topic are everywhere. Although I have not pursued pastel painting, I immediately felt welcome and right at home in this casual atmosphere.


I found out that some folks stop in on a very regular basis, and others just drop in when they can. There are OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnone of the regular distractions that an aspiring artist has to work around at home, and it certainly feels good to be in the presence of so many like-minded people!






There was a great deal of encouragement and friendly helpful critiques about how to proceed with a piece amongst the different artists. After a few minutes of setting up and chatting, everyone settles into their painting.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a beginner in pastels, you can pick up a lot of tricks and tips just from observing these dedicated pastelists, all without the constraint and formality of a class or art instructor.








I spoke to Sue, who joined the group last February. She was in a craft class at the community center when she bumped into Clare, who encouraged her to join the group. Sue said she never knew she could paint, and to look at the mountain lake painting she is working on you would not even guess she has been at it for only a year!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho knows what hidden talents you might discover if you stop in and participate in the pastel session?


It is a first come first serve basis, but  everyone is more than happy to make room for more. No sign up is needed. Stop in and discover what pastel painting is all about!




Artwork For Sale By Warren Tri-County Artists At Great Lakes Family Restaurant

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANew artwork has arrived at Great Lakes Family Restaurant located at 36830 Harper Avenue in Clinton Township, Michigan.

A great deal of effort from participating members of Warren Tri-County Arts Association goes into creating a beautiful space to dine in.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst, artwork from the prior show has to come down.

Everyone who is able to pitches in! 

Then, decisions have to be made as to where to hang the new art so that it all works well  together. Clare Wolfe is in charge of this, and she thinks hard about where to put each piece! All of this takes a few hours to accomplish! But it is time well spent!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course, there is time to chat, get caught up on new event, and socialize. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The end result is worth all the time and effort, and creates a very pleasant dining space at Great Lakes Family Restaurant!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe would love to see new faces stop in, dine, enjoy the artwork, and even participate in our gallery events! The work will stay up for two months, and then new work will take its place. Every piece is for sale, and you can contact us from the number on the information cards attached to each artwork if you have any questions!












Make Your Own Custom Drawing Board

How To Make Your Own Custom Drawing Board

If you are tired of dragging around that oversized drawing board that requires extra paper to be sacrificed in order to cushion the drawing you are working on, then this project is the perfect solution for you!

Gather the following supplies, all of which can be purchased through Du-All. If they don’t stock it, Du-All will order it for you!

1. Cutting Mat

2. Exacto Knife or Single Sided Razor Blade

3. Double Sided Tape

4. Masonite ( You can use the pre-cut boards that are coated on one side for creating art. They are sized just right to go with different pre-cut paper sizes)

5. Vinyl Board Cover Material (Found in the drafting section and used to cover drafting boards)

6. A pen or marker

7. An Aluminum Ruler

Now that you have all your supplies, here we go:

1. Take your Masonite board and use the pen to draw an outline on one side of the Vinyl board cover.

2. Using your aluminum ruler and a sharp blade, cut out the vinyl outline that will match the size of your Masonite board.

3. Take out your double sided tape and place it against the side of the vinyl that will be in contact with the Masonite. I tape the coated side of the Masonite so that everything adheres better.

4. Using your sharp edge, trim the tape to the edge of the vinyl.

5. Peel back the protective paper so the sticky side is exposed.

6. Repeat on the remaining three sides, but take care not to overlap the tape at the corners, or your drawing board cover will be lumpy instead of smooth.

7. Place the side of the Masonite that you want in contact with the vinyl cover down on top of the sticky tape.

8. Press firmly into place.

9. Flip your board face down and trim off any excess vinyl.

Presto! You just made your own light weight, portable, custom size drawing board! You could even add rubber feet to the back side to prevent skidding on your drawing table.


Any pastel artist who frames their work will tell you that pastel dust is an issue. Over time pastel dust falls from the work and dirties the bottom edge of the matting. When framing and matting a pastel painting, before mounting the matting into the frame fix a thin piece of mat board (about an inch wide) around the back of the last mat, an inch or so from the window opening, on all four sides. This will give a space for that dust to fall and not smear the bottom edge and will keep the artwork just a little farther from the glass.

Life is Good

It was most interesting to watch the interview that Joan Flynn gave Paula, Leonard and Victoria on her show “Life is Good”. Although it is televised through Comcast I want to let interested people know that you can view this interview right on your computer! Just go to www.cityofwarren.org and click on TV Warren in the RIGHT column. Scroll down to the “Life is Good” video and click on the arrow to start.

Oil Paint Thinner

To thin my oil paints, I prefer Weber Odorless Turpenoid. It’s thin and colorless and it decreases drying time. I pour into a glass jar with lid (think pickle jar) and reuse. The paint sediment will fall to the bottom of the jar leaving the clear turp floating on the top. Although odorless, the thinner is still a hazardous material and should not be poured down the drain (save the fish people).

I recently tried a non-toxic thinner, Oil of Spike Lavender. This medium smells like heaven, that is if you are a fan of Lavender, which I really really am. I poured a small amount into a bowl and dipped my brush directly into the lavender oil then into my paint. The strokes started out very smooth however as I was working, the painting started to get gummy. As I reworked the painting adding layers the medium started to have a sticky consistency. Also, the smell of Lavender can be very intense and made my eyes tear after prolonged use (or was I crying over my sticky painting?). This product is also much more expensive then the turp.

In the end, I decided to continue to use the odorless turp when sketching out my painting and save the Lavender for the final details.

Information regarding the disposal of toxic chemicals in Warren can be found at the Sanitation Division 586-775-1400.